Home Remedy for Welder’s Arc (Eye Sunburn)

My husband came home the other day and needed help for his eyes due to welding without a welders helmet even though he wasn’t looking directly at the item he was welding. His eyes hurt and things were a little hazy but not bad. That night he woke up and couldn’t sleep because his eyes were in so much pain. So at 3:30 in the morning I began my search for home remedies for Welder’s Arc/Flash. I found a couple remedies other than the typical numbing eye drops and antibiotic ointments that the doctor’s will give to you. The two remedies are:

 Tea Bags: Brew a cup of tea as if you were going to drink it. 

 (For those that don’t drink tea you heat the water up to boiling or near boiling.  Put the tea bags in the cup of hot water and let it brew for about 5 minutes. )

Pull the tea bags out and squeeze them out so that they are not dripping wet. I try to get the tea evenly distributed in the tea bag so it will cover the eyes evenly.

Wait for the tea bags to come to skin temperature or cooler; they cool off rather quickly.

Place the tea bags on the eyes (closed) and leave them there until the burning stops. In my husbands case his eyes started to feel better within a couple minutes. I have no idea how long he kept them on for becuase we both fell asleep and he took them off sometime later when he awoke with pain free eyes!

Do this as many times as needed for the eyes to heal and feel better.
The next morning his eyes were not mattery, crusty or painful at all! His eyes were still a little hazy throughout the day so he placed two more tea bags, one on each eye, the next night as well. His eyes have been doing well ever since, no infection, soreness, itching or haziness.

Also if you like tea save the brewed tea, that is double strength, add hot water to it and drink it! That’s what I did and it tasted great!

Here is a picture of the type of tea that we used. I’m assuming any unflavored plain black or green tea will do the trick. I believe it works due to the antioxidants and anti inflammatories that are naturally in tea. Which is another reason why drinking tea is so wonderful for our bodies!

The tea we used that worked great!

 The other remedy that I have read about but have not been able to try, and hope we don’t have too, is potatoes. You can place thin slices of potatoes on each eye and repeat every five minutes until the pain subsides.

If anyone in your family or workplace welds make sure to keep some tea and/or potatoes on hand for a natural home remedy that works and is a whole lot less expensive than going to the doctor.  

Author: Joy

Joy Henkel is a Certified Health Coach, Zumba Fitness Instructor and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with women to improve their health and family life. Joy received her training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual and group health and nutrition coaching to women.